Hospital Celebrity!

I know I haven’t written in awhile, a lot of exciting things have happened here in the Duffy life.

My baby sister had her first baby, and as Ty and I decided we were happy as a family of 4, I gave her all of our baby girl stuff. Tearful goodbyes to those tiny sweet newborn clothes, baby swing, rock n play…all the things šŸ˜‚.

What a funny little surprise when my tearful goodbye was then later greeted by a positive pregnancy test! Obviously God, the universe, a higher power, fate, destiny, (whatever your belief) recognized those as tears of grief, because I had always wanted 3 or 4 kids.

As we prepared to welcome another little baby girl into our family, wouldn’t you know it- Hello Epilepsy.

I had been taking my Briviact and low dose Lamictal without much seizure activity at all. When pregnant your body metabolizes medications faster and therefore we have had to continue titrating my doses up. There were some things I wasn’t prepared for:

-The emotional roller coaster of pregnancy in combination with the anxiety of having a seizure and protecting the baby.

-Feeling like a terrible mother when a seizure does happen; thankfully not that often for me so far, but I am nervous about after labor and delivery.

-Enrolling in a study for Briviact in pregnant women. Because we had decided to be done having kids, this wasn’t even something I asked my neuro about.

-Monthly neuro check ups…holy Dr. Appointments!

-The hospital staff not knowing seizure medications

– the hospital pharmacy not being able to get Briviact (literally asked me to bring it with me from now on)

– Here’s the big one: I have been admitted 3 times, the first time I gave them my seizure medications so the nurses could scan and chart they gave my medications to me. No matter how many times I stressed that the medications are time sensitive they were HOURS late.

I don’t give them my medications now. They stay in my room with me, because as you all know- you cannot be hours late on your medications when you have epilepsy.

– I had to argue with a nurse that my 400mg extended release Lamictal that I take in the morning would not be the same as taking 200 mg regular acting Lamictal in the morning and 200 at night. I find this astonishing, as I have been a nurse for 10 years now šŸ™„.

As my epilepsy had been under control for my first 2 pregnancies and didn’t resurface until my daughter (baby #2) was born; I had no idea what to expect.

This has been an interesting journey to say the least.

I went through some very stressful business changes, as I believe I’ve mentioned my husband and I both own our own businesses. In combination with the epilepsy and stress I ended up having extreme anxiety and was put on Prozac, which my neuro said would be a good option given the medications I’m already on. All is good.

Except I just had a friend over who had her baby 2 weeks ago and was telling me how she is also on Prozac. She had a scheduled c-section due to medical issues and couldn’t figure out why the hospital staff started treating her and her husband really strangely and all kinds of Dra kept coming in to check on the baby. It turns out that Prozac shows up on toxicology reports as a benzodiazepine and sometimes opioids!

So here I am, on Prozac, Briviact (which my pharmacy has told me is a controlled substance) and Lamictal. Also hooked up to an IV for severe dehydration thanks to Hyperemesis Gravidium… today it took my home health nurse 8 trie to get an IV- EIGHT. So my arms look like those of a junkie šŸ˜‚

Do I stand a chance if walking out with my baby? I mean, obviously yes- but doesn’t everyone get judged on first impressions? I do feel somewhat fortunate, also embarrassed, that the hospital staff know me very well: even the valet who now call me by my name and just hands over the ticket smiling. The hospital Valet know who I am now! They have a huge staff and probably see hundreds of people every day… talk about red carpet fame šŸ˜šŸ¤£

Has anyone gone through pregnancy with epilepsy?

Tell me about your experiences with hospitalization and medications?

Are you labeled as a fall risk in the hospital? I expected to be, but was not šŸ¤·ā€ā™€ļø.

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